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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. — Petrobras, more commonly known as simply Petrobras (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌpɛtɾoˈbɾas ]), is a semi-public Brazilian multinational corporation in the petroleum industry headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company's name translates to Brazilian Petroleum Corporation — Petrobras. The company was ranked #58 in the most recent Fortune Global 500 list.

A former employee shared his experience in a review about the time he worked for Petrobras: "The company is Corrupt from Headquarters to it Subsidiaries, from Governmental officials, Presidents and Top management funneling money through projects, conventional and outdated practices of doing business. Alot of "Hanky Panky" between employees; the place is a cesspool!"


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Former Employee - Drilling Engineer says

"All operational decision comes from Brazil."

Buyer Or Procurement Analyst says

"Horrible Department, very stressful and demanding. Management Level does not know anything about policies and procedures, are not friendly, and retaliates entry level employees. Also, expects you to know it all and do all the work for them. You have to be Brazilian and speak Portuguese fluently otherwise, you will not be hired for the Procurement Department. There is not any need for to have a career or qualification to get this job, apparently you need to know someone there to get the position. Management Level will only hire you if there is a clique between the employee and manager. There is not any opportunity for you to grow in the department. Good Luck if you are hired and do not expect equal opportunity."


"Everything besides benefits: no procedures, no training, incompetent managers, outdated use of technology, SAP implementation but no one uses it they'll prefer to use spreadsheets that no one understands except the developer, only Brazilians are in management, etc etc etc"


"Top leadership is not as good as in times past."

Former Employee - Buyer I says

"This company have Equal Oportunity Rights, but does not follow, your are promoted not by your skills, but by who you are friends with. They hire external employees, instead of offer and consider existing employees. If you are not Brazilian you will not have future career."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career plan. No training provided. No chance of advancement. Salaries are below market average. From HR to Procurement every process is slow in the company. Hiring Someone or to sign a contract takes from 3 to 6 months, unless upper management request which then it is done within days. The upper management is all expats from Brazil which prioritize good relations with Brazil above any thought of career plan for the US employees, after all their career will continue in Brazil not here. Training budget was reduced this year even though the company is apparently breaking production records. Every year an environment/employee survey is sent out but it is a joke, no matter how much is complained nothing changes."


"Poor management, have good code of ethic but useless, lack of procedures, employees do what they think is the best for them not for the company, employees work about 30 hours, lack of control in the contract of services complete absent of professional background revision."

Current Employee - Tax Accountant says

"No promotion , no recognition of work done"

Current Employee - Human Resources says

"Most of the time there is not enough work to do for 2 hours a day. It is very boring . A lot of people in each department, every day, they complained they have a lot work and then disappeared and take very long lunch( 3 hours) and smoking breaks. The Managers are too busy playing politics with Brazil and do not have time to worry about your career or advancement."

Current Employee - Accounting Manager says

"No promotion if you are not Brazilian or a relative of the expatriate. Cannot suggest good idea to help the company , you will be punished. Cannot work hard , you will make the Brazilian look bad because they are busy watching soccer games and complained they have too much work"

Gerência de Comunicação e Marcas (Former Employee) says

"Gerência que explora os funcionários. Péssimo ambiente de trabalho. Fiquei muito tempo por causa do dinheiro e me arrependo.A marca da empresAmbiente de trabalho"

Técnico em Segurança do Trabalho (Former Employee) says

"Inspeções de todas atividades desenvolvidas por colaboradores envolvidos, supervisionando e realizando treinamentos, palestras para a conscientização dos colaboradores, orientando sobre condições de segurança e insegurança, ações seguras e inseguras provocadas pelos mesmos, diálogo diário de segurança DDPS, estratégia na prevenção contra incêndio e pânico, tratamento e descarte dos resíduos de materiais provenientes dos locais de trabalho.Refeitórionão"

Supervisor Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Fiz parte de um projeto social que foi patrocinado pela empresa PEtrobras, no qual fui Monitor Administrativo.não avaliadoNão avaliado"


"A Petrobras foi e continuará sendo uma das maiores e melhores empresas do mundo, para se trabalhar. É uma rotina dinâmica, por isso, nos dá oportunidade de conhecer um pouco de cada órgão. A estrutura, os projetos, o conforto que a empresa oferece aos seus funcionários. Quanto à gerência e à direção, estamos nos referindo à pessoas, portanto, é difícil generalizar. Posso dizer que tive muita sorte no setor em que trabalhei. Incluindo os colegas que realizavam as mesmas funções que eu. Excelente equipe. A parte mais difícil do trabalho era dissolvido junto à equipe, portanto, não há como detalhar. E a parte mais agradável era justamente o ambiente. Compartilhávamos, não só o trabalho, mas as alegrias e as dificuldades. E as diferenças, eram sempre superadas, pois tratavam-se de verdadeiros seres humanos.Refeitórios na empresaAusência de alguns benefícios que o contratado não tem"

Estágio de Técnico em Informática (Former Employee) says

"Um trabalho temporário que me serviu como experiencia com calculos e como lidar cm o clienteAmbiente de trabalhoEscala de trabalho"

consultor (Current Employee) says

"Ter participado integralmente no sucesso da montagem de uma refinaria.refeiçao em restaurante da emoresa.nada declarar."

Towmaster (Former Employee) says

"Just an example. On my last day I took the lift down to control room level. A pipe broke and the elevator was literally filled with water before I managed to stop and get out. This is symptomatic for all maintenance on Petrobras units. FPSO's are condemmed en mass by authorities and is considered shantytowns (favellas) by oilworkers."

frentista (Current Employee) says

"Frentista respira um ar totalmente tóxico todos os dias e não dão nem um par de luvas para usar , muito menos máscaras para inibir um pouco dessa toxidade, sem falar que não tem uma fiscalização rígida ,para obrigar esses postos a cumprirem o mínimo de qualidade de vida para funcionários. Emprego de frentista é lamentável diante a esses descasos ."

Cajera, atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"el trabajo que habia que desempeñar era muy bueno y rico en aprendisaje pero los suoeriores no permitian que los empleado trabajen con alegrai y siempre tenian algo para reprochar y nos descontaban plata de nuestro sueldo sin darnos explicaciones coherentesbuena obra socialdescuentos de sueldo sin explicacion coherentes"

human resources (Former Employee) says

"Company with a well known name globally so may look good on the resume, however, the reality at work is the opposite. Very poor management, no opportunities for advancement, no training, no recognition, compensation below market average, a lot of gossip and favoritism for hiring and promotion. You rarely see anything being done in an ethical way or based on merit, it's a very sick company culture based on corruption. There is job security as they don't fire anyone, unless they don't like you and they'll do such thing based on personal preferences, otherwise you can sit there and not do anything and get away with it. If you prioritize job security, good health benefits and stable income then this company is for you. However, if you enjoy challenge, career advancement opportunities, training, recognition and rewards, and honest and ethical environment you better run far far away from Petrobras America or any of its affiliates.Health benefits are awesome!Lack of advancement and training opportunities, poor management."

Playera (Former Employee) says

"aprendí a manejar tarjetas en posner.y cargar gasoil y nafta. pero me parecio de mal gusto que me hayan tenido a prueba dos semanas y nunca me hayan avisado que me ivan a echar. intente cumplir con todo, ise cosas que no tendria q haber hecho pero evidentemente No ofrecieron nada"

Gerente comercial/vendas de um posto de gasolina (Former Employee) says

"Tirando a pessoa que era dona da empresa que praticamente não sabia de nada da empresa que tinha o resto tudo era rasurável..nãonão fornecia refeição"

Engenheiro Mecânico Sênior (Former Employee) says

"Avaliação inferior a mediana considerando ser uma empresa com sérios problemas de governança derivativos de interferências de políticos."

Environmental Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Petrobras is huge Brazilian oil and gas company and there are many sites to work. I was based on Rio de Janeiro city center. Competitive environment and not so much fellow ship among co workers.LocationPoor environment"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The company is Corrupt from Headquarters to it Subsidiaries, from Governmental officials, Presidents and Top management funneling money through projects, conventional and outdated practices of doing business. Alot of "Hanky Panky" between employees; the place is a cesspool!100% healthcare benefits paid fora very conventional, Corrupt and unprofessional environment"

terceirizado (Current Employee) says

"ambiente que não é propicio para funcionarios terceirizados"

Gerente (Former Employee) says

"Empresa pequena com poucos profissionais mas com boa bagagem"

Asistente Comercial (Current Employee) says

"En la empresa he podido crecer ya que comencé como cajera ahora soy Asistente Comercial de un local , lo que me gusta de este trabajo es que todo los días nos encontramos con algo distinto, lo cual a veces se coloca un poco más difícil el día , porque a cada momento va llegando clientes diferente unos más difíciles que otros , pero es parte de la atención al cliente , y así es como vamos aprendiendo cada día de las diferentes situaciones."

atualmente apoio administrativo nivél médio III (Current Employee) says

"Eu trabalhava na área da saúde, e quando decidi ingressar na área administrativa, mesmo sem experiência a Transpetro me deu uma oportunidade, onde aprendi muito e até hoje aprendo. Porém a terceirização dos serviços tem ficado cada vez mais difícil, em questão de benefícios e salários. Por esse motivo gostaria de uma oportunidade em outra empresa.Estacionamento dentro da empresaTercerização dos serviço"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad: Petrobras AMÉRICA does not value it’s employees. Good: my colleagues. Friendship for ever. Due to company’s lack of professionalism and well treatment, the support and encouragement in between employees were made strong."

M Mason-Clarke says

"Booked a transfer from Buenos Aires Airport to down town hotel for New Years eve expecting a trouble free arrival. Received a confirmation for this booking, then few hours later a email cancelling saying no cars available. Ended up taking a taxi on arrival at EZE airport, no problem, and also a lot cheaper than booking through Argentina Transfers and more reliable. Do not deal with a company like this that leaves you up in the air. Mike Mason -Clarke January 8. 2016."

Evan says

"Experience was horrible. Booked 6 hours prior to flights, they charged my account, then canceled 1 hour prior to appointment. Still have to get home before i can review files on being charged. I would reconsider before using this company especially during holidays."

Karan says

"They accepted my booking, charged my credit card and then cancelled my booking a day later saying no driver was available and that a refund would be given to me. Very inconvenient and not happy."

William says


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